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About Hawksdrift Wines

Hawksdrift is a family owned vineyard, located in the Dillons Point region of Marlborough.

Murray and Robyn Butt were among the first to pioneer growing grapes in this area. Before they took their first steps into viticulture, in 1998, they farmed the land conventionally, growing crops and raising livestock.

The Dillons Point area is in the East of Marlborough, near the sea coast. It lies close to sea level and has deep, fertile soils. Shelter from the Wither Hills range, contributes to a long, hot ripening season, meaning, the fruit is left to ripen when other, cooler areas have shut down.

This long hang time develops fully ripened summer flavours in the fruit.



Working in the vineyard on long, hot summer days, we are privileged to see the hawk as it graces the sky.

Just as we try to work with the land to create a truly unique wine, the hawk, works with the sky.

As vast and dominant as the sky is, the hawk displays its own power of finesse, as it dips, as it soars, as it drifts. It can be blown off course, but it always navigates its way back.

The hawks enduring qualities and focus are the inspiration for our name, Hawksdrift.


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